• Mabel

    A footstone placed on the grave of Selvan and Sarah Lee for My Aunt Mabel.

  • Sarah S. Lee

    The footstone of Sarah S Lee: born Jul 2, 1891; died Feb 13, 1966

  • Selvan J. Lee

    The footstone of Selvan J Lee: born Aug 21, 1878; died Aug 12, 1961

  • Selvan and Sarah Lee

    The primary monument at the head of the graves of Selvan and Sarah Lee

  • A donation from Frank Pecoraro on display at the Viking Lutheran Church.

  • News article on display inside the Viking Lutheran Church.

  • Viking Lutheran Church

  • Viking Lutheran Church

    The site of the Lee Family Reunion Worship Service, this church built in the late 19th Century is rich in Lee family history including numerous marriages, funerals and original founding (with others) by my great-grandparents, Jens O. Lee and Sønneva Eriksdotr Trove (AKA James and Susan Lee)

  • The Joseph Lee Family (FAMREU-0718.jpg)

  • Stephen Hutcherson calling numbers during the raffle.

  • Floyd with his Aunt Lorraine.

  • 1st Cousins (FAMREU-0699.jpg)

  • 1st Cousins

  • The Byron Lee Family

  • The Joseph Lee Family

  • The Leonard Lee Family

  • The Evenson Family

  • The Clayton Lee Family

  • Rhonda and Dennis Lee with their nephew, Brady

  • Jerry Evenson

  • Floyd and Gloria Wagner, and Debbie Stankovich

  • Gloria and Debbie

  • Floyd Wagner and his granddaughter Taniyah

  • At the Iron Age Farm. Stavanger, Norway

  • Captured on the street in Ghent, Belgium.

  • Young Smoker

    Growing up...he thinks.

  • Captured on the canal in Amsterdam.